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    Tarot Readings and Gift Certificates!

I am available for Tarot readings, party bookings, and workshops in Montreal.  

Call or text me at

(514) - 980 - 1231

 to arrange your reading.
(If there's no answer, please leave a voicemail!)
See below for rates, and ways to get a discount! 

 For more info about who I am, and the kind of   readings I do, you can check out the links to the left.

 You can also find information on the right about   classes and parties... Did you know that if you host a   Tarot party, you get a free reading, or if you host a   workshop, you don't have to pay for the class?  

 We're always at a crossroads,
 and there's no time like the present 
 to reflect on the past,
 and look towards the future!

 Tarot Readings:

 If you'd like me to read your cards, you can email me   at tarot@consultant.com  or call  (514) - 980 - 1231 
 to arrange a session.

 I charge $50 for half an hour, and $80 for an hour.

 If you and a friend both get a one hour reading,
 you can each have $10 off!


Tarot gift certificates:

Are you looking for an interesting birthday present  for someone?  Or maybe a relationship reading would  make a unique wedding gift for a couple you know?

Gift Certificates are available at
$50 for a half hour, or $80 for an   hour.

 Want to give yourself a gift, too?
With the purchase of a half-hour gift certificate, 
you can have $10 off a 30-minute reading for yourself!
(or $20 off an hour reading for a 1-hour gift!)