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About my readings:

My interpretations of a Tarot spread are derived from a thorough study of the symbolic systems contained in the cards, as well as using intuitive process, and drawing on my own life experiences in relation to the Tarot.


I believe that the Tarot is put to best use as an introspective tool; to learn more about our own lives.

There are many practical uses for this--

for example, a Tarot reading can :

  • illuminate many different ways of seeing the same situation, shifting perceptions.

  • find the root causes of an issue to understand it better, discovering underlying motivations.

  • discern likely consequences of a particular action.

  • draw attention to the factors which are influencing a situation, knowing their effect.

  • discover the necessary steps to take to solve a problem or achieve a goal, inspiring action.

  • show the connections between different aspects of one's life.


When we are able to more closely examine our own lives, and understand ourselves better, we are able to see the patterns present in our experiences, and the consequences of them, thereby being able to assess  which patterns serve us and which do not, and discerning the steps we can take to create a fulfilling life.

For most readings, we will discuss your questions at the beginning of the session, and then determine the best way to address them. We may do more than one layout of the cards, depending on how much time we have, and how many situations or areas of your life you would like to examine.

I like to do a separate layout based on each individual area of interest-- for example, we might do one layout about a particular situation regarding your workplace, and another one for a general overview of your love life. If you are trying to make a decision, we might proceed by laying out some cards for each choice, and then comparing them.

I can do a reading about nearly anything you might like to look at- relationships, work, your spiritual path, finances, well-being, family, travel, introspection, personal choices, etc.

It's a good idea for you to think about what exactly you hope to find out from the reading before we start, to make sure that we can address your questions adequately in the available time. The clearer your questions, the better the context that is created, making for clearer answers!


For most readings, I use a ten-card layout, which is my own version of the Celtic Cross spread. This is the layout I will use for an email reading also. It can look at any question or situation from a number of different angles:

- Your self, in the present moment, the predominant energy of your current circumstances 

-The challenge, problem, or obstacle, what crossroad you are at, where is there potential for growth

 - Where you are coming from, where you've been in the past, the roots and causes of situations

 - Where you are going, what kind of energies are beginning to manifest, the near future

 - What factors influence the outcome of your situation

 - Perceptions, your attitude towards your circumstances

- Assets and resources, what you can draw on to help you

- The nature of your expectations, desires, hopes and fears

 - The next step - what to do, a beneficial action 

- The outcome, the future and the longer term implications