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Do you want to make your next get-together really unique?


I am available

for party and event bookings !


This would be a great way to do something different for a birthday party, summer barbecue, a bachelorette party, an afternoon 'tea and Tarot', or just something different for a “girls' night out” with you and your friends.


 Call or text me at (514) - 980 - 1231

to arrange your event.


For smaller groups (5 to 10 people), each person can choose the length of their reading and pay me individually.

(a 15 minute session for $25, a half hour for $50, or an hour for $80),

and the host will receive a FREE half hour reading!

For events with a larger number of people wanting readings, I charge per hour rather than per person, we will agree on the duration beforehand, and I can be paid the total, by the host, at the end of the evening.



**Please note:

-There must be a minimum 2 hour booking. Please confirm participation with your guests beforehand in order to cover the cost.

-If I have been booked for long periods of time, it's reasonable to assume I'll need to take a couple short breaks between readings.

-I may require a deposit for the booking, if I have multiple requests for the same evening, or if the time commitment is significant. Same-day cancellations may lose their deposit.

-If the location is not accessible by public transit, or the party finishes very late at night, the host will arrange transportation for me or cover the cost of my cab fare.