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I am available

for party and event bookings !


This would be a great way to do something different for a birthday party, summer barbecue, a bachelorette party, an afternoon "Tea and Tarot", or just something different for a “girls' night out” with you and your friends.


 To arrange your event,

email tarot@consultant.com

or call 514 - 980 -1231

Please let me know the desired time and date, the approximate number of people who will receive a reading, and the specific location.


For smaller groups (less than 10 people), each person can choose the length of their reading and pay me individually.

(a 10-15 minute session for $20, a half hour for $50, or an hour for $80),

and with a booking of at least two hours of paid readings, the host will receive a FREE half hour reading!

For events with a larger number of people who want short readings, I charge per hour rather than per person, at a rate of $100/hour.

We will agree on the duration beforehand, and the host can pay me the total, at the end of the event.



***Please note:

- In order for me to come to your location, there must be a minimum 2 hour booking. Please confirm participation with your guests beforehand, in order to ensure that you can cover the cost.

-If I have been booked for long periods of time, it's reasonable to assume I'll need to take a couple short breaks between readings. 

I can do no more than 4 or 5 short readings in an hour.

(ie: if all 30 guests at your Halloween party expect to receive a reading, a booking of 6 hours would be necessary)

-I may require a $100 deposit in advance, if I have multiple requests for the same evening, or if the time commitment is significant. Same-day cancellations will forfeit their deposit.

-If the location is not easily accessible by public transit, or the party finishes very late at night, there will be an extra fee to cover the cost of my transportation