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Where Faeries Live Edmonton - 2010-01-10 13:34:37

Rasa read Tarot cards and taught Tarot classes through our store for two and a half years (2007 to 2009). Feedback from our customers and her students was, without exception, positive. Rasa is professional, articulate and intuitive and I can honestly say she stood head and shoulders above any other Tarot reader we had before her. I have never met anyone who knows more about the Tarot than she does. She is greatly missed here.


 Shakti - 2010-01-11 02:45:17

I have frequently said that I believe Rasa is perhaps the best Tarot card reader that I have encountered. Rasa is very well educated about the tarot - she knows and understands the cards, including overt and covert meanings. She not only intellectually understands the deck, but also intuitively. When Rasa reads cards, you can tell that she is touching some greater source of information than just intellectual knowledge. I have found the readings enlightening, invigorating, exciting, and occasionally freaky in their accuracy. You haven’t had a tarot card reading until you’ve had one by Rasa!


Doug - 2010-01-11 20:41:17

I have had two readings by Rasa and found them both extremely useful. She is charming, sensitive and direct. Thanks Rasa!


Corey - 2010-01-13 04:40:48

Your reading showed me the true illumination of my path and what steps i must take, when and where to caution myself and all the tools at my disposal that I was not aware of.


Alexis Mapstone - 2010-01-18 20:38:53

I found the one that I got from you really felt that you didn’t leave anything unsaid.I may pass your name onto my sister who is getting interested in tarot, if I may.


Cheryl - 2010-01-16 15:36:24

I have had the honor of both taking Rasa’s tarot reading class and having her read my cards and both were far beyond my expectations. In class she is articulate, intelligent, knowledgeable, fun and provides a relaxed learning environment. I learned more about how to read tarot without referring to a book in her class than I did over 20 years of stumbling around on my own. Her readings were thorough and more than addressed all of my questions and concerns. She reads from a place of deep intuition that is eerily accurate. Give yourself the gift of a reading from Rasa, you will not be disappointed.


Rae Watterworth - 2010-01-16 19:35:48

Receiving a tarot reading from Rasa is truly a gift. She creates sacred space with her being and allows one to be relaxed and open to the messages coming through. It is Rasa’s interpretations of these messages that make the reading meaningful and deep. She is skilled, intuitive and passionate about this ancient divination tool and this translates into a powerful reading. Simply delicious!


Charlene M. - 2010-07-02 19:43:31

I just wanted to thank you for the reading. I found it so incredibly helpful! You really helped me get directed and made things appear a lot more clear in my life, which is something I was longing for for some time now.