Tarot by Rasa

Professional Card-Reader and Teacher

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My own experience with Tarot is an ongoing journey, with more than 15 years now of study, play, readings, and exploration of various different decks. 

This has included attending workshops, participating in study groups, collecting decks, and doing readings for myself and others in a variety of settings, as well as teaching my own classes and workshops.

In addition to working by appointment out of busy metaphysical shops for a few years, I have read Tarot professionally at private parties, in cafes, and at fairs and festivals.

I began doing online and telephone readings when I lived in Uruguay from 2009 - 2015.

Now, I offer readings in my own home, and at parties and events.

I am particularly interested in how symbols can become catalysts for personal transformation, and how by consulting oracular wisdom we can invite awareness, change, and empowerment into our lives. I really love investigating and translating that wisdom with others through reading the Tarot, sharing in and honouring their personal story.

I continue to be passionate about integrating the Tarot into both my personal and professional life, continually learning new things both about and from the cards.