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    Tarot Readings and Gift Certificates!


I am available for Tarot readings, party bookings, and workshops in Montreal.  


Call or text me at

(514) - 980 - 1231

 to arrange your reading.
(If there's no answer, please leave a voicemail!)
See below for rates, and ways to get a discount! 



 For more info about who I am, and the kind of readings I do, you can check out the links to the left.

You can also find information on the right about classes and parties... Did you know that if you host a Tarot party, you get a free reading, or if you host a workshop, you don't have to pay for the class?  Keep reading for other ways to get a discount!



We're always at a crossroads, and there's no time like the present to reflect on the past, and look towards the future!

Do you want to know what potential the future might hold for you? Or, maybe you're looking for another perspective on a problem you're facing, or some strategies for a goal you're trying to reach.

Tarot readings can help us to look at ourselves from different angles, to examine our choices and attitudes, and their likely outcomes.



Tarot Readings:

If you'd like me to read your cards, you can email me at tarot@consultant.com  or call  (514) - 980 - 1231 to arrange a session.

I charge $50 for half an hour, and $80 for an hour.

If you and a friend both get a one hour reading, you can each have $10 off!



Tarot gift certificates:

Are you looking for an interesting birthday present for someone? Or maybe a relationship reading would make a unique wedding gift?

Gift Certificates are available at $50 for a half hour, or $80 for an hour.

Want to give yourself a gift, too?

With the purchase of a half hour session gift certificate, you can have $10 off a half hour reading for yourself!

Or, if you purchase a gift certificate for an hour reading, you can receive a $20 discount on a one-hour reading for yourself!